5 most frustrating missions from GTA 5

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Players cannot dive into GTA 5 expecting a chill ride through the suburbs with minor bumps along the way.

The game is known for its bone-chilling storylines and mind-boggling missions, and that’s hardly surprising, considering the previous titles of Rockstar. Perhaps that’s why the franchise is so popular. It challenges players to push their limits and explore their potential in the virtual world.

This article takes a look at some of the most frustratingly tricky missions featured in GTA 5.

Note: This mission reflects the author’s views

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#5 Burying the Hatchet

Michael may not be the quintessential GTA 5 protagonist, what with the whining and the moralistic quirks, but he’s got a knack for getting in trouble. In Burying the Hatchet, Michael is stripped of the ability to take a clear shot because all he’s got is a pathetic handgun that might as well be a squeaky ornament pretending to be a lethal weapon.

#4 Minor turbulence

GTA 5 wouldn’t have made it to the Rockstar-defined light of day if it didn’t feature at least one mission with a whacky vehicle that shouldn’t even be allowed to call itself a vehicle. Minor turbulence, ironically, is one of those frustrating GTA 5 missions that force players to fly a plane that would do anything but hold its own in the air.

#3 Flight School

If there is one mission involving clumsy planes that beats the previous one in its ability to piss the player off, it must be Flight School. The only good thing about this vexing mission is that, after completing it, players will have learned the ropes of flying an aircraft in GTA 5.

#2 Did Somebody Say Yoga?

Michael’s expressions are worth a million dollars when the yoga instructor beckons his wife, right in front of him, to lean into his pelvis. This mission is so hard that it might have the player reaching for the French Yogi through the screen. Though admittedly, one wouldn’t have expected yoga and a game like GTA 5 to go well together.

#1 Derailed

Derailed is arguably the most difficult mission featured in GTA 5. Trevor is known for his psychotic tendencies, but he goes a little too far in this mission, wanting to jump off an elevation and land on the roof of a moving railway car.

While the feat, after a hundred attempts, might make the player feel like Superman, the effort to get there might leave them mentally drained for hours. Perhaps that’s the thing about GTA 5. Players can’t just shrug it off.