Biomutant Uncut Gameplay Shows Quality Difference Between PC, Consoles

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After what seems like an eternity of development time and several delays, Biomutant finally releases later this month. In preparation for its launch, THQ Nordic and developer Experiment 101 have released uncut gameplay footage from multiple platforms.

The footage, shown below on PC, shows our furry, customizable hero moving through the open world at a full 60fps and 4K resolution. Using a glider to cut down on travel time after jumping off a cliff, they make their way to a “Hopehall” location before a mini-boss starts attacking.

Biomutant’s combat varies depending on the class you select, but in this clip, the hero fires a few bullets to start things off before launching a spinning melee attack to keep targets at range. Comic-style words pop up as enemies take damage, and acrobatic maneuvers are needed to avoid attacks. It’s all narrated by a gentle British voice, and halfway point in the fight, the hero activates a super-style ability and deals out a ton of extra damage.

The reward for winning the fight? Getting to control a little flying rocket around, which quickly hits a building and bursts into flames–well, that and the pile of loot hidden in a chest nearby.

We’ve also embedded the base PS4 and Xbox One gameplay clip here, which you can see above. The difference is evident immediately, most notably in the frame rate, which is 30fps on the oldest systems. It still looks totally playable, but it would be hard to make the jump to those consoles after playing the PC version. On PS4 Pro and Xbox One X–which is roughly the quality you’ll get playing on PS5 or Xbox Series X via backward compatibility–the frame rate is much better, though it does look less sharp.

Biomutant releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 25. It’s the first game from Experiment 101, which was founded by former developers at Avalanche Studios.

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