Demon’s Souls Remake Really Proves What Bluepoint Games Could Do with MGS and Legend of Dragoon

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Bluepoint Games did a bang-up job with the Demon’s Souls Remake, and they are more than capable of replicating that feat with other games.

The PlayStation 5 has had an incredibly impressive launch, especially considering the conditions it was released to. Now, half a year later, demand is high enough for PS5 shortages to still be an issue. This is in large part due to the impressive slate of exclusives it launched with, and the rock solid library of PlayStation 4 titles that could gain framerate boosts simply from running on the new system. Combined with the PS5 controller’s unique and impressive haptic feedback functionality, and it’s not hard to see why Sony’s latest console has had trouble staying on store shelves. Sony and its affiliated developers’ hard work has paid off.

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The efforts of one such developer are worth a particular mention. Bluepoint Games blew the minds of fans and critics alike with its beautiful Demon’s Souls remake, making it one of the must-have games at the PS5’s launch. This remake took everything that made the original so memorable and made it better. Aside from the controversial redesigns of a few of the more iconic enemies, the game has received massive amounts of praise for its gorgeous facelift. The textures, models, lighting, sound, animations, and special effects have all been updated to match the highest AAA standards possible, all while maintaining the deliberate gameplay of the original Demon’s Souls. After such an impressive effort, people are eager to see what Bluepoint does next, and there are a couple titles in particularly high demand.

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What Bluepoint Games Could Do With Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid Psycho Mantis Fights Solid Snake Boss Fight

The first of these potential Bluepoint remakes has already seen a ton of discussion in the past few months. The original Metal Gear Solid feels like a perfect fit for Bluepoint Games and its delicate touch. Already remade once in a good but somewhat controversial GameCube exclusive, Metal Gear Solid 1 has withstood the test of time as a genre-defining 3D stealth-action game. With Konami looking to get back into the games business and apparently willing to outsource its most beloved properties, a modern remake of this PS1 classic is a no-brainer. And few studios could be trusted to remake MGS1 quite like Bluepoint.

Bluepoint approach Metal Gear Solid in mostly the same way it did Demon’s Souls: paying close attention to making the most polished presentation possible, while keeping the old gameplay intact. This would mean MGS1‘s third round of voice recordings and cutscene recreations, but this time the original more grounded cutscenes from the PS1 release would be used instead of The Twin Snakes‘ wackier versions. Some of the gameplay improvements and additions to MGS: Twin Snakes could be kept, however, like the tranquilizer gun for non-lethal runs. Above all else, the DualSense’s haptic feedback for crawling on various different surfaces like snow, concrete, and metal, as well as picking up the direction of guards’ footsteps, is a must-have.

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What Bluepoint Games Could Do With The Legend of Dragoon

While a Bluepoint-developed Metal Gear Solid remake is extremely appealing, there is another game that fans have been clamoring for a revival of some sort. The Legend of Dragoon is a turn-based PS1 JRPG released a few years after Final Fantasy 7. It was touted as the Final Fantasy killer, which, as history shows, it was not. However, despite okay sales and middling reviews, it has become something of a cult classic. The game is fondly remembered for its impressive visuals (for the time) and interesting action command mechanics, as well as having a compelling plot. Fans would be happy with Sony just acknowledging the game again, but a full revival from Bluepoint would be the best outcome.

Bluepoint’s take on The Legend of Dragoon would ideally be its standard affair, revitalizing the presentation while keeping the old gameplay in tact. While some attempt could be made at implementing some of Bravely Default‘s player-controlled systems for handling random battles, little change is necessary for the gameplay. The addition of haptic feedback could also further enhance action commands. What’s in the most need of a second pass is the English voice acting, which is rather infamous for being awkward and mood-killing. With a Sony-provided budget, getting a better dub should not be hard, and will go a long way towards making the game more inviting to modern audiences.

What Bluepoint Games Can Improve Going Forward

In terms of studios that can be trusted to deliver a good remake, Bluepoint is second to none. Its attention to maintaining the great gameplay and tone that its projects were known for is impressive, and its technical prowess in making the most gorgeous game possible on current hardware is impressive. It has also shown to be remarkably in touch with the communities of the games it is remaking, including extra hidden bonuses for diehard players, and changing and adding some things mid-development based on feedback. However, Bluepoint still has some flaws that drag its projects down a little. The controversy regarding the fundamental design changes to certain Demon’s Souls enemies is valid, though how much that will come up will depend on the project.

More concerning is Bluepoint’s refusal to fix some known issues with the original games. It is willing to go part way, implementing an updated dodging system in Demon’s Souls, as well as an item that will make farming easier. The Shadow of the Colossus remake also benefits from an emulation of the best version of its physics. However, emulation is most of what it is; Bluepoint changes as little as possible, gameplay-wise when dealing with these older games. While many fans would cry out if the most PvP-detrimental and underpowered weapons in Demon’s Souls were to be rebalanced, many more would celebrate a new age of Demon’s Souls multiplayer, better than it ever has been. Some fear that this mentality will be kept with any future remakes, and imbalances dragging games down won’t be addressed.

But these are just minor gripes, and Bluepoint’s participation on future projects is still more than welcome. Faithful recreations are its goal, and it can’t be faulted too heavily for achieving exactly that. It isn’t clear what Bluepoint Games will be working on next, but hopefully it will be one of the above games. Fans are already eagerly waiting for its next big announcement.

Demon’s Souls Remake is available now on PS5.

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