E3 Twitter is Teasing Fans About Elden Ring, Grand Theft Auto 6

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Some official E3 tweets set off a wave of rumors after the account responds to questions regarding Elden Ring and Grand Theft Auto 6.

E3 2021‘s mid-June event is quickly approaching and this year’s show is building up a surprising amount of hype. The cancelation of E3 2020 appears to have done little to stymie gamers’ hunger for a centralized event full of major reveals and announcements. Yet while E3 2021 is building up excitement just fine naturally, the ESA apparently feels it needs an extra and perhaps extra push. On social media, the official E3 Twitter account is even going so far as teasing Elden Ring and Grand Theft Auto 6.

To start, a fan replied to a somewhat tepid tweet from E3 announcing several of its partners for this year’s show. The fan’s response featured two images, one from Shin Megami Tensei 5 and one from Elden Ring. Another fan would then ask “Who the guy on the left?” referring to the Elden Ring character. The official E3 account then added, “its from Elden Ring.” Just the barest acknowledgment of Elden Ring by the official E3 account was enough to set off speculation that RPG would be at the event.

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The Grand Theft Auto 6 reference seems quite a bit more egregious on the ESA’s part, however. A Twitter account, specifically “GTA 6 News & Leaks,” tweeted at the E3 account asking if Grand Theft Auto 6 would be getting announced in June. The E3 account decided to respond with a gif of a very excited Willem Dafoe. E3’s response here, just like the Elden Ring response, has set fans speculating wildly.

The reality of the situation is that E3’s social media worker doesn’t know what games will be announced or showcased at E3. They’re just engaging with fans about the games that they’re excited about. That’s hardly a bad thing at face value, but the internet isn’t always a grounded place. An official source like an E3 account can absolutely set false expectations, even if what they’re doing is transparently in good fun.

Regardless of E3’s social media efforts, neither Elden Ring nor Grand Theft Auto 6 are currently known to be involved with E3 2021. Just yesterday, a report was shared that Elden Ring near-certainly won’t be at E3 2021. As for Grand Theft Auto 6, there are no specific reports about the game, but Rockstar doesn’t typically participate in E3.

E3 2021 is going to be a fun event with lots of game reveals and announcements. Regardless of what’s shown and what’s absent, it should be fun for everyone involved. That said, it’s always best to go into E3 with low expectations and to let yourself be surprised, as opposed to expecting everything and always ending up disappointed.

E3 2021 runs from June 12 through June 15.

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