EA’s dodgeball shooter Knockout City will be free for 10 days at launch

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Knockout City is a 3v3 multiplayer shooter, except instead of shooting guns you’re lobbing balls at your enemies. It sounds pretty fun—Tyler has some more detailed impressions here—but launching a new multiplayer-focused title in 2021 feels like a roll of the dice in terms of whether anyone will care (remember Rocket Arena?). As a means to make people care, Knockout City will be free-to-play for the first 10 days when it launches on May 21.

Dubbed Block Party, it’s described as a “festival-style event” which will offer the entire game for 10 days: there won’t be any cap on how much you can play and how many awards you can accrue, and all maps and playlists will be open. If you decide you want to buy the game during the Block Party event, you’ll get a bunch of stuff: an Epic outfit, hairstyle, glasses, glider, intro pose, KO effect and 500 Holobux. These stack with awards you’ve already earned, as well as the items that come with the deluxe edition.