Gaming and Lottery Unlikely to Pass on Last Day of Session

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As Legislators return to the State House for the last day of the legislative session, Monday is set to be filled with local bills.

One local bill focused on our area is Pike Road’s Ad Valorem Tax increase.

The growing town wants to increase the millage rate on property taxes to fund a new high school.

“Alabama’s Constitution is so archaic that every local county and city has to go to the legislature to pass mundane things to operate their government,” said political analyst Steve Flowers.

Usually , budgets are passed on the last day of the session, but not so for Alabama.

The Education Budget and the General Fund Budget have both been passed, with a pay raise for teachers and state employees.

“Coming out of the pandemic and covid, most states are really behind the 8 ball with their finances, Alabama is not so. The budget chairs in both the House and the Senate have done a good job.” said Flowers.

The most high profile piece of legislation in the state house, gaming and lottery, looks like it won’t make it to the people for a vote.

On Friday Governor Ivey was asked about the prospect of gaming and lottery passing on the last day of the session.

“I doubt very seriously that that issue will be before us on Monday.” said Gov. Ivey.

A special session will be called later this year to address reapportionment since the 2020 Census count.

It is also a possibility that the Governor could call a special session to address prison issues, and gaming/lottery.