Mass Effect: Legendary Edition project director says multiplayer could make a comeback

Fibo Quantum

One of the biggest omissions from the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, at least in my eyes, is multiplayer support. Mass Effect 3’s co-op multiplayer component was excellent: Small squads of players pitted against increasingly difficult waves of enemies in a variety of purpose-built arenas, with optional objectives and a final, desperate hold-out for extraction. It’s a multiplayer mode I really miss playing.

BioWare elected to cut multiplayer support from the Legendary Edition, saying that the effort required to incorporate it was simply too great. “I think our focus really was on the singleplayer experience and at some point we had to just draw the line,” project director Mac Walters said in February. “I love ME3 multiplayer, like I say people are still playing it today, but ultimately I think the product, the overall ME: LE is a better representation of the original trilogy because we’re able to focus on those singleplayer elements.”