That’s No Moon! Callisto II DIY PC Hits the Right Retro Note

Fibo Quantum

(Image credit: Pigeonaut)

If Tim Cook was more into retro computers, then the newly redesigned iMac might have looked like this. It doesn’t of course, but that doesn’t matter – we’ve got Pigenoaut’s Callisto II, as spotted by Hackaday.

Within that lovely late 1970s / early 1980s 3D printed shell sits a Raspberry Pi 4 running the show. The screen is a Pimoroni eight-inch LCD as used in their Picades, with an appropriately 20th-century 4:3 aspect ratio and 800 x 600 resolution. The mechanical keyboard is 60% of normal size and fits snugly into the custom designed space. Inside the unit is a USB hub, power supply, and a lot of good fresh air to keep the Raspberry Pi 4 cool. A hatch on the back of the case, which snaps together without glue, allows access to the innards, in case you want to fill the void with hard drives or swap out the computing board with another model.


(Image credit: Pigeonaut)

Possibly the best thing about the project, though, is the accompanying website which strikes precisely the right note even if it isn’t period authentic. From the dithered images to the liberal use of GIFs, it’s filled with links to Pigeonaut’s other adventures in DIY computing, as well as the brilliant online OS, PigeonOS.