The Last of Us Part 2’s Playstation 5 Performance Patch is Out Now – GameSpew

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The Last of Us Part 2’s Playstation 5 performance patch has arrived.

After downloading the patch, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to run the game with a target frame rate of 30FPS or 60FPS. Note “target”, there’s no guarantee you’ll get 60FPS all the time but, according to a report from Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry, the game comes pretty damn close.

We praised The Last of Us Part 2’s graphics in our review, stating it “has visuals that defy the generation”. The announcement doesn’t mention any major visual improvements, so it appears the thrust of this patch is using the Playstation 5’s power to run an already great-looking game at a smoother frame rate.


We were certainly very, very, grateful that The Last of Us’s PS4 remaster had the option to switch between 30FPS and 60FPS mode. Not because we chose to play it at 60FPS, but because we discovered that if we ran it at 30FPS it stopped our Playstation 4’s fan going into overdrive. That’s our one reservation about this patch, the (perhaps irrational) fear it’ll turn our hard-to-come-by console into a shrieking, boiling mass of metal and plastic.

Still, if you’re willing to take the plunge, The Last of Us Part 2’s performance patch is available for Playstation 5 right now.