The Leaked Map GTA 6 is finally over (but don’t rejoice too soon)

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Once again, part of the alleged GTA 6 map has been leaked. This completes the image of Vice City.

A leaker only had a solid reputation clear about itRockstar Games has internally scheduled 2023 as the most optimistic release year for GTA 6.

The GTA 6 map has leaked again

It was a big disappointment for the fans, who are overwhelmingly convinced that the successor to GTA 5 can be unveiled at any time. The conclusion? At least until the next-gen version of GTA V is released, we won’t hear anything official about Grand Theft Auto 6.

However, that doesn’t stop the rumor mill. In fact, last week is again the alleged menu from the next game leaked. In other words, the map of the world that we will hopefully hover, travel and fly in droves next year.

Can go both ways

The first time the alleged GTA 6 map was leaked was early last year. Later in 2020, more images leaked, and now they’re hit again. What is that to run away so remarkable is that it connects to other leaked cards. Therefore, you can argue that it must be real, but you can just as easily conclude that we are fooled and that the creatives simply elaborated on the previous one. leaks.

Filled image

The first map that leaked showed a large patch of land surrounded by a number of smaller islands. Fans immediately concluded that it must be Vice City, with a number of Caribbean islands. Then the biggest menu leak, half was incomplete. The map leaked last week makes it complete. It is not known why there was so long between the leaking of the finished parts.

The result is a large map with three larger parcels of land with more than one large city, plus a number of smaller islands.

Don’t encourage too early

Don’t rejoice too soon, however. Unlike the release notes mentioned above, these cards were all leaked by anonymous 4chan users. No reputation or leak history we can trust. Without balance sheet.

4chan has been responsible for some of the most accurate in recent years leaks, but there is also a lot of anonymous nonsense. But if it’s faking it, then it’s incredibly convincing to fake it.

Vice City, so what?

In general, they are also reliable leaks agree that Vice City will be the focus of GTA 6, a fictional version of Miami. However, people are still arguing over how the rest of the map will be filled. So, some argue that the Caribbean islands should offer variety, while others argue that Rockstar has chosen several South American cities as the setting.

The message can be clear: take leaky cards especially with a good grain of salt. Until Rockstar officially confirms the location of GTA 6, we’re not sure. It probably won’t be until next year. But don’t forget: The Red Dead Redemption 2 map was also leaked months in advance. Who knows!

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