Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Is $1 Again for Xbox’s 20th Anniversary

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in General | May, 14th 2021

One of Xbox’s biggest selling points for players is the Xbox Game Pass, a service that functions like Netflix made specifically for video games. With a monthly payment of $15, players can access over 100 games to download and play on their Xbox or PC. While the price may seem steep, they’ve put Xbox Game Pass on sale for $1 as part of their 20th-anniversary celebration.

For many Xbox users, the Xbox Game Pass seems like a no-brainer, but some players are hesitant to pick up Game Pass Ultimate for their console because they are unsure if they’ll use it. However, with Game Pass Ultimate being $1, there has never been a better time to check it out. 

Here is what the Xbox Game Pass offers to its players. 

Xbox recently acquired Bethesda Studios and has since put their entire catalog on Game Pass, which means that everything from Skyrim to Doom Eternal is included in their lineup. Other titles include all Xbox Game Studio games like Sea of Thieves, The Halo Master Chief Collection, and Halo 5. Third-party companies have also put their games on Game Pass, such as Sega with the entire series of Yakuza games and indie titles like Among Us and Outer Wilds. New games are added all the time, so there’s always something fresh to play when you log on. 

All of the Xbox Game Studios games will be made available on Xbox Game Pass when they’re released, but some titles from other companies also made the jump to release on Xbox Game Pass, such as the upcoming Knockout City. Pre-ordering for Xbox games has since been thrown out the window with the introduction of the Xbox Game Pass.

Players who are becoming a member of Xbox Game Pass but do not think they’ll keeping the service after the three months will be pleased to know that members receive deals up to 20% on select games. This can allow players to pick out the games they want and keep the games while saving some money. Game Pass members get access to deals of up to 10% off on DLC and add-ons for games as well.

Players who also decide to try out game pass ultimate will also be given several different perks and rewards, just for deciding to check out the Xbox Game Pass. There is extra in-game content like card packs in 2K21, weapon charms in Apex Legends, and an Xbox-themed skin in Warframe. However, that’s not all. Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will also get access to Spotify premium for the duration of their subscription, which means that players who use Spotify on their console will have the whole Spotify library at their disposal while checking out the Game Pass catalog.

Xbox has been working on getting the Game Pass library onto phones and tablets through streaming games through XCloud. As of now, it only works on Android phones and players must have an Xbox controller. But all players who decide to give Game Pass Ultimate a shot will be pleased to know that their android phones will allow them to play game pass on the go, anywhere they are. 

Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be happy to know that it comes with Xbox Live Gold. With all the features included, this is a steal of a deal for monthly subscribers of Xbox Live Gold.

On top of the current Xbox Game Pass library, players who want to get their hands on all EA titles will be happy to know that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate comes with the EA Play library. Players will also be able to play games as soon as they come out, such as Knockout City.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a fantastic service, and the fact that it’s $1 for new subscribers makes it a huge deal. Whether you’re focused on PC games or playing on a console, Ultimate should not be passed up with this sale.