How to find the hacking device easily in GTA Online

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The hacking device is an integral part of the Diamond Casino heist in GTA Online. It is a mandatory heist prep mission, and players will need to complete this mission to progress with the heist.

Players can complete the mission in two ways: steal the hacking device from the FIB Building or the server farm at NOOSE Headquarters.

The first option has GTA Online players going to a crime scene to kill corrupt FIB agents and steal their security passes to use in the FIB Building.

For the NOOSE Headquarters option, gamers need to go to a search area to find and kill a corrupt agent and then steal his access card. The remainder of the mission is different for both options.

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How to find the hacking device easily in GTA online

If the FIB route is taken, players must enter the FIB building, pass through the security barriers and take an elevator to the top of the building. Once on the upper floors of the building, they need to search for a briefcase containing the hacking device.

They can launch the Sightseer app from their phone to help them find it. Using the app will show a bar in the bottom right corner of the screen, which fills as the player gets closer to the device. This is like a game of hot and cold.

Many agents are present on this floor, and GTA Online gamers should not stay in their cones of vision for extended periods, as this will alert them.

The briefcase will be placed at random locations, but it will most likely be found in the men’s washroom of the FIB building.

If the other route is taken, GTA Online players must go to the NOOSE Headquarters, where they must use the access card on the keypad, allowing them to enter the server farm.

Once there, they need to search for a briefcase containing the hacking device. Just like the FIB Building option, players can use the Sightseer app on their phones to locate it.

The device is also placed randomly throughout the level. However, its most likely location is north of the staircase from which the player enters the server room.

There are many guards and security cameras in the farm, whom players need to avoid to collect the device. They can use silenced guns or tasers to take the guards out, but it is best to avoid them entirely.

For both options of this GTA Online mission, once players escape the police, the hacking device must be brought back to the Arcade to finish the heist prep.

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