This week online: unsung heroes and dream VR worlds | by Ngozi Nwadiogbu | Jun, 2021

Fibo Quantum

Youtuber Eric For President helped celebrate community members working in the VR space with their call for “unsung heroes.” The replies give props to indie game developers and platforms, webXR innovators, and familiar names and friends of Immerse like Kent Bye.

Who else do you think deserves kudos for their work?

Over on LinkedIn, folks discussed the most overused statements in the XR field. Blogger SkarredGhost kicked off the conversation with this post, featuring their own pet peeves, including “VR is dead” and “I’m a futurist.”

Blair Renaud, CEO and Founder of the VR game studio IRIS VR, polled Twitter to see what already established “universes” users would love to experience in virtual reality. Answers ran the gamut from nostalgic 1970s roller rinks to the post-apocalyptic Zone in Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker. Follow the tweet for more gems.

What worlds would you want to inhabit virtually?