Microsoft  is the company’s owners and manufacturers. Go check them out! the have some great products
Sony is a company that has great consoles, tv’s, speakers, headphones, etc.
this company is known for its three hot consoles xbox 360, xbox series S and the xbox series X.
The Xbox Series X is there newest console which sold out in less than a month! Learn More
Don’t t worry though because the xbox series S is still excellent! well it doesn’t have 8K quality  but the pro version has 4K which personally thats all i need!Learn More
I would talk about the ps3 but sadly, its a little to out of date. But the Xbox 360 started everything we know today. all the graphics and games are based on the classics!
Now enough about consoles, Let’s talk about Xbox Live. PS Plus gives you the ability to play online with your friends. Sony is really good about Xbox Live, they have discount’s almost every month!
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